We loved seeing everyone at the opening reception! As the work sells, we're replacing the sold pieces with new ones still representative of the theme of "On Gathering". This exhibition will be up during the holidays, and we're happy to give you a private reception on request. We are also open by appointment any time you like. Please let us know when you might like to drop in! We're keeping cool drinks in the gallery fridge and hot tea at the ready if you're in the mood to enjoy the sun on the porch when you visit. 

Heartfelt thanks to Naomi Shihab Nye for permission to use her poem "My Grandmother in the Stars" in this show.

And in honor of the longer nights, we are donating a part of the proceeds of this show to the Blanco County Friends of the Night Sky.

Thanks also to Blanco's Real Ale Brewing Company for providing beer for our event.

Virtual Tour of the Exhibition

Guitar riffs on our virtual tour video are compliments of Stephen Doster, an Austin-based songwriter, guitarist and producer who now lives in Blanco. His new album over the red sea is available for pre-purchase at