Our newest exhibition, On Shelter will be showing into the summer.

Please come visit any time. We're open by appointment and also happy to give you a private reception on request. Let us know when you might like to drop in! We're keeping cold drinks in the gallery fridge if you're in the mood to enjoy some AC or shade along with the art when you visit.  

Heartfelt thanks to Naomi Shihab Nye for permission to use her poem "Kindness" in this next show.

And in honor of the theme On Shelter, we are donating a part of the proceeds of this show to the Blanco Good Samaritan Center in honor of Blanco's Random Acts of Kindness group.



Virtual Tour of the "On Shelter" Exhibition

The piano instrumental on our virtual tour video is by Diana Cantu, a musician who arrived in Austin, Texas in 1975 to study music at the University of Texas where she received a degree in voice. She's performed around the country with The Diana Cantu Band and bases herself out of Austin. She's played with a lot of Texas greats including Cris Duarte and Tomas Ramirez. From the beginning of her career, she's spent time working on the art of songwriting and developing a style that is unique. Her three CDs are all original music and include "Inside Out", "You're All I Ask" and "Happiness". Recently a friend gave her a beautiful baby grand piano, and she's discovered how much she loves this new instrument for songwriting. You can check out her two newest songs here.