Anna-Christina De La Iglesia



It wasn’t until the pandemic that Anna-Christina De La Iglesia began to truly understand the power of paring back to the essentials in her work. That long stretch of time away from her friends and family, especially her sister who now lives in Austin, caused her to dig deep into her memories of growing up on the North Carolina coast – diving under big waves, walking down the street to get a soda at the marina, and gathering with friends at the tennis club for an impromptu oyster roast. 

This need to get down to the essentials resulted in round flowing shapes emerging out of watery darkness, all an invitation to notice memory, nature, and the beauty of gathering in community. It’s an invitation to hold our family and friends close in our hearts, until we can see them again and enjoy the simplest, most essential pleasures – an embrace, laughter after a well-told joke, or a good meal.

Anna-Christina’s work has been collected by dreamers in all walks of life – entrepreneurs, executives, builders, and architects.