Barbara Attwell

Deep Rest in the Rock
Felted Merino Wool
8 x 9.50 in
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Felt is beautiful, colorful, and organic, but ultimately its magic is in its power as a shape-shifter. Having studied in Ireland with some of their best felters, the process Attwell uses in her studio is the same as felters from 1200 BC. It starts by layering fine wool, then massaging it with warm, soapy water until it snakes into a form. Wool is beautiful -colorful, tactile, and extraordinarily strong. The process is physically intensive, and conjures up a rich primordial-soup kind of experience. Attwell sources wool from places like Navajo Tribal Lands and the Faroe Islands, sometimes knowing the shepherdesses who tended the sheep. Best of all there is no harm done to the animal – their part is getting an occasional haircut.